July 9, 2020 / Blog

The Democratic Party Platform: Our Roadmap for Moving America Forward

This year’s Democratic National Convention is going to look and feel different than anything we’ve ever experienced before. But our party is rising to the challenge—because ahead of the most important election in American history, the business we accomplish at the convention has never been more consequential.

In a year when our convention will speak to more Americans than ever before, we’re inviting everyone to share the ideas, beliefs, and values they want to see reflected in this year’s platform.

The 2020 convention is where Democrats will officially nominate Vice President Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States, and rally behind him as he leads us into the battle for the soul of this nation. It’s also where our party will come together to take stock of the hard work that lies ahead, and adopt a plan of action for tackling it. That’s where the Party Platform comes in.

Simply put, the Party Platform is our roadmap for moving America forward. It’s more than just a list of policy priorities—it’s the story of who we are as a party, where we’re headed, and how we plan to get there. 

If there’s an issue you’re passionate about, or a value you want to see us embrace, or if you just have thoughts about the best way for Democrats to move America forward, we want to hear about it!

Over the next few weeks, members of the Platform Drafting Committee will review comments, thoughts, and ideas from Americans across the country. The Committee will work together to forge a diversity of values and beliefs into a unified vision for America’s future. Then they will share this vision with the rest of the party’s membership, which reviews, votes on, and officially adopts it as the new Party Platform. The Platform guides Democrats as a whole for the next four years, until it’s time to do it all over again. 

Some elements of our platform are evergreen, like the spirit of optimism, inclusivity, and determination that weaves it all together. Others will always need to be updated in the light of a new day, as each year brings its own changes and challenges for our country. Altogether, the Platform and its drafting process give Democrats an opportunity to celebrate—and defend—the promise of America.

During this watershed moment for our nation, this kind of exercise in democracy has never been more important. Even after we make Donald Trump a one-term president this November, finding our way out of the crisis left behind by his administration is going to take every ounce of our collective energy and expertise. Now is the time to lean on the incredible diversity of our party, and find ways to include everyone in the urgent work of building a fairer, more united country for us all. Democrats want to hear from more voices, not less, as we chart that course.

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