July 29, 2020 / Blog

What’s your American Dream?

In less than a month, Democrats from across the country are coming together to unite the country around our shared values and put Joe Biden on a path to victory as our 46th president of the United States. 

We’ve been focused on innovative ways to engage voters as we get ready for this historic moment. And this year, we’re putting the stories from Americans front and center.

That’s why we’re asking you. What’s your American Dream? 

We’re asking Democrats to share the America they want to live in and what kind of future we can build for this great country. We’ve heard from folks in every corner of our nation; stories of triumph, stories of freedom, and stories of hope. These stories lay the foundation of what it means to be an American — a citizen of this diverse union. 

Years from now, 2020 will go down in history books as a turning point. Our children will balk at the chapter on Donald Trump’s failed leadership—but what will they turn the page to? What do we want their America to look like, and how can we begin building it for them today?

We want to hear from you, as we get ready for the most important election of our lifetime. Tell us your American Dream, and you could be featured during the Democratic National Convention from August 17-20. 

In these uncertain times, it has always been the unity of America that carries us through. We look to each other, our fellow citizens, for hope and strength. It is the American Dream, our vision for a more perfect union, that brings us together and endures.

Share your story here and inspire your community to take action in an effort to build a more perfect union.