Media Logistics

The 2020 Democratic National Convention will take place July 13-16th at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We look forward to welcoming to Milwaukee the 20,000 members of the media who cover the Convention and sharing our story in the months ahead as we prepare to nominate the next President of the United States. 

To request an interview or editorial inquiries, please contact

Media should refer to the information below for the latest on operational planning. Timelines for credential, hotel and workspace allocations, the schedule for the media walkthroughs, and exclusive providers will be announced in the months ahead. For further logistical questions not covered below, please contact 

See you in Milwaukee next July!

Frequently asked questions

How do media outlets apply for credentials? 

The timeline regarding the credential application process will be communicated later this year. We anticipate it will be similar to the timeline in previous years, which have previously started toward the end of the preceding year. 

The Congressional Press Galleries are the non-partisan entity that credential the vast majority of the media for the Republican and Democratic conventions. For media organizations that are not credentialed by one of the four Congressional Press Galleries (Daily, Periodical, Radio/TV, and Photographers), the Democratic National Convention Committee reviews credential applications for media organizations.

A credential application must be completed by one designated person from each organization. Organizations—not individuals—are approved at the first stage of the credential process. 

Will there be an opportunity for media to tour the arena before the Convention? 

Media will be invited to two walkthroughs in the run-up to the Convention, where they will have the opportunity to see the Fiserv Forum and media filing center location. The schedule for the walkthroughs will be announced later this year. 

How do outlets request assigned workspace?  

The U.S. Congressional Press Galleries allocate most of the media workspace for both the Democratic and Republican conventions. Information regarding the process to request workspace will be communicated in the coming months. 

Who are the exclusive vendors for the 2020 Democratic National Convention? 

We will provide updates on the media services provider and other vendors as we move closer to the Convention. 

How can media outlets request a hotel room for the 2020 Democratic National Convention?

We allocate a limited number of hotel rooms to media covering the Democratic National Convention. More details will be communicated later this year about the process to request rooms. As in years past, demand for rooms will exceed supply and media are encouraged to seek out their own housing arrangements. 

Hotel rooms are assigned to outlets—not individuals—and the request form will need to be submitted by one designated person at each outlet. 

Are there resources for media outlets planning events in Milwaukee during Convention Week? 

We encourage you to contact to reach the Host Committee’s event planning team and be connected with the terrific venues and hospitality Milwaukee has to offer.