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Q: I want to cover the Convention. How does my media outlet apply for credentials? 

The deadline to apply was April 10, 2020. If you have questions or were unable to meet the deadline, please contact the Media Logistics department or your credentialing gallery.

Most media outlets will apply through the U.S. Congressional Press Galleries, the non-partisan entities that credential the vast majority of the media for the Republican and Democratic conventions. Outlets will need to apply through one of the four galleries:

  • Daily Press Gallery: All publications and newspapers (foreign and domestic), wire services, and online publications affiliated with daily news organizations.

Contact the Daily Press Gallery.

  • Periodical Press Gallery: All foreign and domestic magazines, newsletters, non-daily newspapers and online publications.

Contact the Periodical Press Gallery.

  • Photographers’ Press Gallery: All photographers representing news organizations and news publications. Freelance photographers must be on assignment from a news organization to be considered for credentials.

Contact the Photographers’ Press Gallery.

  • Radio-TV Press Gallery: All radio and television news organizations and programs, including online news sites with original audio and video.

Contact the Radio-TV Press Gallery.


Q: I don’t think my outlet can be credentialed by the Congressional Press Galleries. Can I still attend?

The Democratic National Convention Committee reviews credential applications for media organizations that are not credentialed by the four Congressional Press Galleries. These include student newspapers and news outlets with a political or religious affiliation.

A credential application must be completed by one designated person from each organization. Organizations—not individuals—are approved at the first stage of the credential process. Request the DNCC Press Gallery Application by contacting the Media Logistics Department.


Q: What resources will be made available for outlets that cannot travel to Milwaukee in August?

The gavel-to-gavel convention proceedings will be made available in a range of formats for media outlets, including several livestream options.

Technical Details

  • Format: 1080i 59.94  Multi-camera feed
  • Found on:
    • Fiber (The Switch)
    • Satellite
    • Local SDI handoff
    • RTSP pull
    • M3UA playlist
    • Other streaming video platforms, including embeddable players
  • More information about how to access the feed will be shared as we move closer to the convention.


Q: Will there be an opportunity to tour the arena before the convention? 

The Democratic National Convention Committee team hosted a walk-through in January. Sign up for our email list to remain up-to-date on future opportunities to learn more about the media workspaces available during the convention.


Q: How do outlets request workspace?

The deadline to apply for workspaces at the 2020 Democratic National Convention has passed. Please contact the Congressional Press Gallery that issues your credentials with any questions. Outlets seeking credentials through the DNCC Press Gallery should email


Q: How does my media outlet request a hotel room?

The Democratic National Convention Committee allocates a limited number of hotel rooms to media covering the convention. The deadline to request housing through the convention has passed.

Please contact the Media Logistics Department with questions. Media outlets are strongly encouraged to seek their own housing arrangements.


Q: I submitted a request for housing but would like to modify it. What should I do?

If you previously submitted an application and would like to modify your request, please contact the Media Logistics Department directly.


Q: My outlet requested hotel rooms. When will we have confirmation of our reservation?

As the convention’s plans are further finalized, more details regarding hotels will become available.


Q: Are there resources for media outlets planning events in Milwaukee during convention week?

The Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee is working to connect local venues of all shapes and sizes with organizations interested in hosting events around the Democratic National Convention. They’ve built a Venue Portal tool to help you find the right place for your event, whether you need an intimate, private restaurant space, a massive catering hall, or something else that suits your unique needs.